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Blood Transfusion/Camping

ABMT arranged different Thalassemia camps with the team of Para-medical staff which conduct complete bold count test (CBC) and also receive blood donation from willing persons to transfuse the thalassemia patients.


• To investigate the presence of disease in the youth
• To advise preventive Measures to check further spread of Thalassemia
• Awareness camps in communities and social life with help of lectures, and seminars.
• Blood Bank & Diagnostic Services.
• Blood Transfusion Services.

To organize a free Thalassemia or Blood Transfusion camp at your workplace/community please contacts us.
For regularly print informational material on Thalassemia and other blood tests, if you would like to distribute the material in your community or organization, please contact us.
Hence, we are doing everything for ABMT mission’s to eradicate Thalassemia from our society and to improve the quality of life of existing Thalassemia patients.
We need your support and cooperation to achieve our mission.