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Amina Bashir Memorial Trust was established in April 2012. It is located at Misri Shah Lahore which is the central location of Lahore and very densely populated area of Lahore. It was started as a 20 bed community trust for children care, especially for Thalassemia patients. By the Grace of God Almighty Amina Bashir Memorial Trust stands committed to provide quality health care services to all categories of patients disregarding means to pay. Mr.M.R.Bhatti’s personal property was donated and converts into ABMT to run the day to day local community children care. Amina Bashir Memorial Trust believes in service excellence and quality of health care to curing the humanity. Core philosophy of functioning ABMT is cross subsidization where funds generated from affording patients and charities are utilized for the benefit of underprivileged and indigents.

Director’s Message

Amina Bashir Memorial Trust was established in 2012, I dreamed to make a trust to cure humanity and give honour and dedicate it to my parents, Mr.Bashir Ahmed (father) & Mrs.Amina Bashir (mother) as an emerging into multidisciplinary social care trust. The trust has grown up successively from 10 beds of capacity for children care with the contribution & participations of few members of staff & trustees. My team vision is to transform this trust into a modern progressive state of the art health care facility where we are introducing all type of blood test facility.