Consultant Anaesthetist at Basildon trust university hospital btuh Essex I visited the centre couple of years ago. It’s located in a very busy area of inner city of Lahore with a very high out patient attendance. The young patients come to the centre with their parents for regular blood transfusions on an outpatient basis. They are looked after very well by the staff who are kind and caring to their needs. Children are able to play with the toys provided in the play area as the transfusion process can take 2-4 hours. Food is also provided at lunch time for parents and children. Most of these patients are seen on a regular basis so they develop good relationships with the staff who are friendly with them. On my last visit I encouraged the parents and children to healthy eating, regular excercise and educating themselves about their disease and it’s prevention. I’m hoping that it would be taken positively by both staff and parents 😐. I would encourage anyone going to Lahore to visit this centre ان شاء الله

I had the pleasure of visiting Amina Memorial Hospital, Lahore many times. I am greatly honoured and privileged to support this charity as I know the money donated is supported in places where the hospital most needs. The staff who are running the centre are amazing people who take time out to care for the needy especially small infants and children who are suffering from Thesslassimaia. I pray for the good health of these patients through the vital donations that people give to keep the hospital going.

Hi Razia, جزاك الله خيراً for remembering me but I have not visited your place. I support you monthly and believe and trust that you are doing an excellent job serving the community and it’s sick children May الله سبحانُ و تعالی reward for here and in the hereafter and you make it possible for other people to reap reward from الله سبحانُ و تعالی through your excellent .. May you continue in this worthy cause ان شاءالله


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