Amina Bashir memorial Trust was established on 11 May 2012 with the aim of providing Thalassaemics both curative and preventive services. It is located at Misri Shah Lahore which is the central location of Lahore and very densely populated area of Lahore. It was started as a 20 bed community trust for children care, especially for Thalassemia patients. By the Grace of God Almighty Amina Bashir Memorial Trust stands committed to provide quality health care services to all categories of patients disregarding means to pay. Mr.M.R.Bhatti’s personal property was donated and converts into ABMT to run the day to day local community children care. Amina Bashir Memorial Trust believes in service excellence and quality of health care to curing the humanity. Core philosophy of functioning ABMT is cross subsidization where funds generated from affording patients and charities are utilized for the benefit of underprivileged and indigents.

Who are we?



Amina Bashir Memorial Trust is a not-for-profit organization, which is committed to provide the medical facilities to the people specially children who are suffering from Blood disorder named “Thalassaemia” on humanitarian grounds in Pakistan. It is governed by an independent board, which makes sure that it works for disadvantaged communities without any discrimination on religious or political considerations. It is registered under the Societies Act 1860. Certified by Punjab Blood Transfusion Authority, Thalassaemia International Federation & Thalassaemia federation of Pakistan. Amina Bashir Memorial Trust manages a diverse range of programmes in medical Sector especially in Thalassaemia sector and is widely recognized as one of the leading NGOs in the community. For the accomplishment of this purpose a Hospital is built for providing the services to the Community. Regular Awareness programs in the School colleges and A regular community development program running around the year keeps the team gaining more and more expertise and developing vast set of skills in Thalassaemia sector.

To serve the nation in the field of Thalassaemia.

To serve the nation in the field of Thalassaemia. Mission: To eradicate Thalassaemia and envisions a society where people participate in development process with senses of ownership towards thalasaemics who have equal opportunities for a healthy and better Life. Empowering community through equal access to all resources including Blood Transfusions, availability of medicines and medical assistance without any discrimination. Thematic Area Project (Districts) 1. Hospital Services Lahore 2. Blood Transfusions Lahore ( Patients from Lahore, Sheikhupura and near Districts) 3. Medical OPD Lahore ( Patients from Northern Lahore) Milestones achieved in Thalassaemia, Medical Services, Social Services and Core Funding: Amina Bashir Memorial Trust is pioneer in Northern Lahore and reputed amongst the organizations when it comes to providing services in Thalassaemia projects. Contrary to other Thalassaemia sectors, Amina Bashir Memorial Trust works on the concept of responsibility sharing; which clearly allocates the responsibility of associated medical services and social services to Thalassaemia community, Poor patients of Locality and their families. The details of which is as under:


AMINA BASHIR MEMORIAL TRUST Ltd. (ABMT) is a registered charity in England & Wales (6134647).

Charity Number (1161940) | © 2013 ABMT Ltd. is a non-profit organization to support people worldwide

3/4 Aziz Building Aziz Road misri shah Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan-54600